Gygax 75 challenge: week two

While last week was more challenging than I expected, this one was pretty easy. In fact, the most difficult part was to find a suitable way to draw my map. In the end, I went for Inkarnate, but I’m not 100% satisfied. Maybe I’ll change tool with the next weeks.

Most of the tasks were about adding features to the map, so we have:

  • A big city on the lake, still nameless, but in my mind is mostyl human and halfling
  • Two smaller settlements: a village and a small fortress; again, I’ve kept those nameless, but I imagine them politically tied to the city
  • A dungeon entrance: the ruins south-east of the keep. Working on the dungeon is next week’s task, so at the moment is just a ruin.
  • A major terrain feature: the lake, with its rivers and the swamp at the south
  • A misterious site to explore: there is an abandoned tower in the southern swamp; rumors say it was built by a wizard, before her magic addiction drove her mad.

Now for the extra credit: I can’t stain a digital map (no, I will not try to pour coffee on Inkarnate’s servers), but I can make a random encounters table.

2d6 Creature Notes
2 Magic Addict Will try to bargain for magical items/knowledge. If the party has nothing for him, he will just cast a random spell on them and run away
3 Duellist Can be hired or challenged, but only if promised a worthy opponent
4 Bandits 1d12+2 Will try to rob the PCs or seek help running away from pursuing soldiers
5 Goblins 1d6 Will attack only if there are more of them than PCs
6 Noble With 1d4 clerks and 1d10+1 soldiers in retinue
7 Herdsmen 1d4 with 2d6 beasts in tow
8 Soldiers 1d12+2 will try to get a bribe from the PCs, with force if they think they can get away with it
9 Wyverns 1d4 one chance in 6 they are hungry
10 Chaos Cultists 1d6 two chances in 6 they have kidnapped somebody to sacrifice, otherwise they will try to kidnap a PC or hireling
11 Undead Lord With 1d6 undeads as a retinue. Five chances in 6 to be masquerading as a Noble and their retinue
12 Bounty Hunter Will not stop in his chase, but might hire some additional help or pay for informations