Halflings and Ghouls in Cairn

A foreword for English readers: I don’t, usually, post in English. You can find the other (very few) English post of this blog here, but most of it is in Italian

This post is inspired by the really good post Supernatural Natures in Cairn or Similar Systems by Seedling Games. I really suggest you go read it before continuing, because I’m not going to just copy their introduction on the general mechanics.


You, once an ordinary human, have traveled far into the Wild and spent at least a year away from both mankind and magic. Something of this experience has come back with you.

Bane: You can hardly stand small or crowded spaces anymore. Test Doom anytime you are in one of those and lose 1 point on a failure.
Boon: You can spend a point of Doom to resist the effects of magic or poison.
Boon: Your size is reduced to about half of the original. All your rolls to hide, move silently or avoid detection are enhanced.
Your Fate: The call of the Wild takes over. You leave, never to be seen again.


You, once an ordinary human, have tasted the flesh of your kind.

Bane: Once you are deprived you cannot recover unless you eat at least one pound of human flesh.
Boon: You can spend a point of Doom to paralyze a target touching your bare skin for 1d4 rounds. Test Doom. On a failure, your hunger takes over: eat them or lose 1 Doom to resist.
Boon: You can test Doom to track by scent any human of your choice.
Your Fate: You lose control over your hunger, becoming a mindless hunter of your former kind.